Occupational Therapy Department

Occupational Therapy (OT) involves empowering and enabling individuals and groups to do things that they need and want to do in everyday life, and assists people to develop and maintain a meaningful lifestyle.

Occupations are anything (tasks and activities) that people do.

The OT Department in Leopardstown Park Hospital offers a full range of therapeutic interventions which includes areas such as;

  • Activities of Daily Living,
  • Seating, Positioning and Pressure care
  • Splinting
  • Assessment for and provision of adaptive equipment
  • Activities both on a group and individual basis.

We provide a range of activities e.g. Wii, Baking, Quizzes, Newspaper/Current Affairs Creative Groups, Social Groups, Movement to Music sessions, Multi sensory stimulation for those with sensory difficulties.

The Main Occupational Therapy Department is situated beside the day care services near the concert hall. Referrals will be accepted from any source within the hospital including the resident and their family. The Occupational Therapy Service is not available to clients admitted for respite, intermittent care or convalescence.

For further information please contact Occupational Therapy Manager, Mary O’Toole can be contacted on 2160569 or on email on m.o’toole@lph.ie or the OT Department on 2160511 or email on ot@lph.ie.

Residents are assessed by the OT staff following which they can access these groups according to their individual needs and personal choices. OT staff regularly review our OT groups/programme and make the necessary changes e.g. introduce new groups (introduced Wii in January 2008) as required to accommodate the needs/requirements of our residents. We also provide multi sensory intervention in a Snoezelen Room for residents with particular sensory needs.